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  • J. Miner

"Trans/forming Activist Media in the Americas," Monday, Oct. 24, through Saturday, Oct. 29

Trans/forming Activist Media in the Americas brings together an interdisciplinary group of media producers and scholars to explore how current activist movements in the Americas are transformed by migrations of people and ideas across new media forms and modalities.

Events will include a weeklong transmedia exhibition of activist works, with evening screenings and discussions with local activists and scholars. The TAMA exhibit and screenings will feature works by both KU and Haskell faculty and students. A symposium on Friday and Saturday will feature roundtable discussions between artists, activists, and scholars from across North America and the Lawrence–KC area; art/media workshops and performances by Bocafloja, Gregg Deal, Kai Barrow, Tanaya Winder; and a keynote by Maurice Rafael Magaña (University of Arizona) followed by a closing reception on Saturday evening.

The film/media exhibition and symposium, convened by KU faculty Joo Ok Kim (AMS), Joshua Miner (FMS), Christopher Perreira (AMS), and Magalí Rabasa from Lewis & Clark College, is a Commons Starter Grant Project, co-sponsored by the Center for Migration Research.

Visit the announcement and the full schedule.

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