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Joshua Miner is an Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of Kansas.


He specializes in the aesthetics of animation and video games, with an emphasis in narrative, music and sound design. Across this work, he uses speculative storytelling as a mode for exploring the entanglement of technology and our environment.

As an independent filmmaker, Joshua's focus is in screenwriting, sound design, and composing. He is currently directing the feature-length animated film Philodendron and at work on several animated short productions, as a co-founder of fledgling animation studio Ghost View Studios, with animation/vfx supervisor David Mai and art director Matthew Cook.

Joshua's critical research has examined environmental modeling in games, digital image synthesis, and Indigenous screen aesthetics, appearing in Games and Culture, Animation, The Computer Games Journal, International Journal of Cultural Studies and Information, Communication & Society—among other journals and collections.​

Joshua teaches courses in screen aesthetics; scoring for film & games; video game design & development; digital media studies; and Indigenous film & media.

PhD, University of Iowa

BA & MA, University of North Texas

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